I joined Denita’s Presence group because I really wanted to be embodied, to not always be looking to my head and thinking for answers, to tap more into my intuition and to have a more grounded sense of presence. I haven’t “arrived”, so to speak, but I have definitely made so much progress – especially in accepting myself and really learning to love the process of being in tuned to my inner self and my body. Denita’s coaching is always spot-on. I’m really quite amazed at how intuitive she is and I always, always come away learning something profound – even if seemingly “small”.

Even after a year I really look forward to our meetings and rarely miss a week. I think what I especially love is that Presence is not just more information, but rather it is encouragement to Be. It is experiential. Sometimes I show up to the group feeling frazzled, sometimes I choose not to be coached, but I always end up feeling calm and at ease by the end of the hour. To me that is priceless.