I signed up for a free coaching session with Denita because I finally admitted to myself that I have had a good deal of trauma in my life.  At the end of our session together, I knew we were a good fit.  I knew joining Presence would stretch me, but not overwhelmingly so.  It just felt right. Presence HAS stretched me and gown me.  I was very divorced from my body and have been for many years.  When Denita would ask me where I feel a certain emotion, I could not tell her.  I still struggle, but I have made headway and expect to continue to.

I have loved life coaching (thought work) and it has greatly helped me since I started it in February of 2019; however, I knew there were some pieces missing and that I needed more help. Denita, Presence, somatic work, and connecting more to my body have been enlightening, helpful, strengthening, uplifting, and encouraging.  Denita has a gift to know how to help and what to suggest.  The other people in the group are compassionate and caring.  Even if I prefer to listen rather than be coached, I always come away with more awareness and alignment.

Please seriously consider joining Presence!  In my opinion and experience, it’s a good move to increase your understanding, acceptance, & love of yourself & others; and obtain healing.