Melissa S.

Coaching with Denita I felt safe and free from judgement. She helped me to see how the experience I was having in my relationship was created by my thoughts and actions. I now have the tools to create the marriage I want by first starting with myself. [I have] a much...

Jamelyn S.

Denita really helped me get past the victim story of my past and change my thoughts about it. Coming to realize that my past relationship with my husband didn’t have to be painful for me or fill me with resentment anymore was so powerful. Letting all that drama...

Brooke S.

It has definitely helped. It really helped me see how my thoughts were causing my results in my life and I can see myself changing from just this awareness alone. Denita helped me see things in different and positive ways, ways I had not thought of before.

Melanie K.

Her coaching has helped me discover things about myself that are holding me back, and new things to try. She is non-judgmental and kind. She is open to talk about anything.

Pamela R.

Denita Bremer is a fabulous life coach. She helped me so much in my life to see things more clearly. I especially liked how she helped me realize that if something in my life is bothering me about another person it’s usually because I have that same issue or weakness...