What you are overlooking when it comes to getting more done

Trust and commitment are the missing links between YOU and GETTING MORE STUFF DONE.

In order to get anything done, you need one of two things: 1. commitment or 2. trust.

Most of us work off of unconscious commitments:

You brush your teeth every morning and night, because you are unconsciously committed to avoiding cavities.

You eat regularly because you are unconsciously committed to solving your hunger.

You stop what you are doing to help your kid because you are unconsciously (or consciously) committed to being a good mom.

You clean your house, at least to a minimum baseline, because you are unconsciously committed to avoiding the guilt or pressure that comes with having a messy house.

So you already do a lot. This is only a short possible list.

But you still have more stuff to do.

Stuff that seems to always get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Stuff that you think you don’t really want to do.

Stuff that doesn’t NEED to be done, so it can be procrastinated.

Stuff that only matters to you– nobody else is going to do it or maybe even care if it’s done.

Stuff that requires decision making.

If you want to get THAT stuff done, you have to be able to trust yourself.

Either you have to bring these tasks into your conscious awareness and have commitment to doing them– which means anything that might come up to distract you from them becomes less important.


You make a plan for getting them done, and then you trust yourself to do it.

Reminder, trust means that you believe you will do what you say you will do.

When we don’t trust ourselves, we almost never follow through on getting the “extra” stuff done.

But in order to get that stuff done, we have to trust ourselves.

So it’s a catch-22!

Conscious commitment is how we get ourselves out of that loop.

And here’s the irony:

Building trust in ourselves leads to doing things over and over again, and then they become unconscious commitments.

So whether you want to get a big project done that you have been procrastinating, or you want to build healthier habits, trust and commitment are the keys.

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