Sex is for men and other lies we tell ourselves.

Men need sex.

My husband can only have sex with me, so I have to have sex with him.

His sexual desire is higher than mine, so it’s up to me to meet his needs.

If he is frustrated it’s because I didn’t have sex with him.

It’s my responsibility to make him happy.

If I don’t have sex with him he will have an affair or want a divorce.

Sex is for men.

Photo by Connor Irwin on Unsplash

Do you believe any of these thoughts? If so, you are giving your sexual responsibility and power away to your husband. His feelings come from his thoughts, not from what you do or don’t do.

If you feel like you are having sex in order to manage your husband’s emotions, just stop right now. Find a better reason. Manage your own emotions first.

When you show up in your marriage as more authentically you, things will shift.

The energy– the WHY– behind your actions matters.


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