Somatic-based Group Coaching with Denita Bremer


We want peace within ourselves, peace in our relationships with others, and peace from the difficulties of life. We want connection with family, friends, the earth and its inhabitants, ourselves, and God. And we want to feel alive through it all.

These three desires  must be EXPERIENCED, not just understood intellectually. These things are less about what we must DO, and more about who we are in the world. The essence of our presence determines who we are.

Presence is both a quality and a skill we can develop. This is what we will focus on in Presence, my somatic-based group coaching experience for those with family-centered values.

Those who join Presence, will experience some or all of these outcomes:

  • A felt sense of safety and support
  • Creating better habits
  • Increased ease and enjoyment
  • The ability to track your nervous system
  • A deeper understanding of self and others
  • Increased connection in relationships
  • A grounded sense of peace in your life
  • Unconditional love and acceptance
  • The ability to hold space for the hard parts of life

As your coach in Presence, I will use a variety of tools based on your current needs and my intuition. You can expect the use of somatic (body based awareness) exercises, meditation, mindset, compassionate witnessing, and inner parts work. Other resources you will have access to are:

  • Replays of coaching calls for 1 year
  • A growing library of resources for LIFE
  • A Slack channel (free app) for coaching between sessions and cultivating community as long as you are a member of Presence.

The doors to Presence will be open until March 31, 2023 to founding members, who will receive lifetime access to Presence!! When you join before January 31, 2023 you’ll also receive a membership to my favorite meditation app as a thank you bonus.

Group calls officially start February 1, 2023. We will meet over Zoom most Wednesdays at 1:30 pm Mountain Time. 

I hope you will join us, and I look forward to co-creating peace, connection and aliveness with you.