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78 Life Lessons on my 40th Birthday

I was shooting for 40 life lessons on my 40th birthday, but I kept going and ended up with 78. Which of these do you
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What you are overlooking when it comes to getting more done

Trust and commitment are the missing links between YOU and GETTING MORE STUFF DONE. In order to get anything done, you need one of two
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What fulfilling your purpose really is

When we say, “I want to fulfill my purpose,” we often mean, I want to figure out what my purpose really is, and then act
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Becoming the Woman the Lord Intended

My whole life I have been driven by wondering who the Lord wants me to be and to become her. Can you relate? How do
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I want to matter more

My personal struggle with self-worth.
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To all the LDS ladies: You are enough. Really, you are.

You. Are. Enough. No. Hear me: You are enough! Right now, exactly the way you are. You are enough for the job, for the calling,
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If you want to stop feeling miserable,

ashamed or unsatisfied with any part of your life, I invite you to come to a free consultation call to see if my program is a good fit for you.