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To all the LDS ladies: You are enough. Really, you are.

You. Are. Enough. No. Hear me: You are enough! Right now, exactly the way you are. You are enough for the job, for the calling,
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When Striving to Be Better Backfires

Are you always striving and trying to improve?Do you hold yourself to high standards? Do you deeply want to do your best? Do you find yourself wondering
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Negative emotion never comes from God.

While I was listening to this podcast today, (it’s so good, go listen to it!) I had a bit of an epiphany: All positive emotion
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The Productivity Trap

Thinking productivity will create your feelings or make you feel better is a trap. When we accomplish something, we might feel better for a moment,
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The Missing Link

Feelings. Emotions. What do you think about them? How do you feel about your feelings? So often in our American culture, emotions are frowned upon.
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Shame is my default

One of my earliest memories, if not THE earliest, is of my Dad carrying my mom to the shower and throwing her in. Looking back
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If you want to stop feeling miserable,

ashamed or unsatisfied with any part of your life, I invite you to come to a free consultation call to see if my program is a good fit for you.