A little more about me

I was born in San Diego, CA but spent the majority of my growing up years in a small town on the Canadian border in eastern Washington state. I have always been extremely introverted, insecure and anxious. (Except we didn’t really have the word anxious back then!) I was a good student, getting almost all As and graduating valedictorian of the class of 1998.

I started attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a 6 year old with my grandparents on my dad’s side. I was baptized at the age of 9, but the Gospel wasn’t a part of my daily life because my mom was not a member and my dad was inactive in the Church. I went through a period of inactivity myself as a teenager and young adult.

I attended the University of Washington and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology in 2002. I met my husband as a freshmen at UW and we were married in September of 2001. {He is an aerospace engineer, so the saying “it’s not rocket science” often doesn’t apply in our house.}

For the year 2000, my New Year’s resolution was to start going back to church. With the encouragement and company of my then-boyfriend, we started attending church. He investigated with the full-time missionaries and decided to get baptized 6 months before we were married. A year after his baptism we were sealed in the Seattle, WA temple.

I am the oldest of three girls in my family. My parents were very young when I was born and our family life was tumultuous. My parents had a volatile relationship, did drugs, and we lived far below the poverty line. My mom passed away in September of 2000 after being in a car accident. It was a shock to the entire family and remains a milestone in shaping my life. In the aftermath of my mother’s passing, most of my family relationships became strained and still to this day I do not have much contact with my sisters, dad, cousins, or aunts and uncles.

My family of five live in the beautiful Denver, CO area. We try to fill our lives with faith, love, and wholesome recreational activities. On the outside I know I have all the ingredients of a happy life, but for a long time I didn’t feel happy. The transition to full-time motherhood was surprisingly difficult for me and I felt unfulfilled and miserable no matter what I tried. This made me feel guilty and the cycle continued.

I had always thought about going back to school at some point to prepare myself to work once my kids had flown the nest. The timing was never quite right though. When my oldest was in 2nd grade we started homeschooling and that consumed my life for five years. Then we made a transition when we had the opportunity to live in Germany for a year from October 2016 to October 2017. Because homeschooling is illegal in Germany, the kids attended an international school and I found myself alone during the day for the first time. During that time I found Jody Moore and then Brooke Castillo through the magical world of podcasting. Upon our return to the states I joined Jody’s program and a few months later signed up to attend the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. In December of 2018 I was certified as a life and weight loss coach and here I am! I feel like a different person now that I have applied these life coaching techniques and skills into my life. I can honestly say that I am now happy!

I love all things psychology. Learning how the brain works and how people are motivated has always intrigued me. Plus I love to help people. A family history of difficult relationships, poor mental health, sexual abuse and other traumas, combined with the ability to work from home and set my own hours, made life coaching call out to me. Now that I have been immersed in these tools for months, I believe this is the secret to the universe that everyone should understand so they can live a better life. I am excited to be on this journey to help others unlock the evasive happiness that took me so long to find. I feel called to this work, and even if I am “unsuccessful” in my career, it will still be worth it.