7 Things to Know about Love that will help you love unconditionally

Yesterday I tried something new. I offered a free online class about unconditional love, lovability and what keeps us from them. I was so excited when FIVE amazing women showed up to listen to what I had to say and let me coach them! I love increasing the love in the world!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Since it was a success, I thought I would summarize a few key points I taught. It IS Valentines Day after all!

  1. Love is a feeling. Feelings come from our thoughts. Therefore, if you want to feel more love, you need to think loving thoughts. Easy-peasy, right? <wink, wink>
  2. We are all 100% lovable— able to be loved. This comes from God. It is set. No one can become more lovable.
  3. Lovable is not to be confused with lovability, or your ability to love. Our spouse might be lovable, but our ability to love them might be diminished. There are many reasons why. You are 100% lovable, but that doesn’t mean your spouse has 100% capacity to love you. This is not about you, it is about your spouse.
  4. Unconditional love is loving no matter what. This is a skill that can be developed and it does NOT come naturally. So if you find someone difficult to love unconditionally, (that teenager maybe?) just know that it is normal for it to be difficult but you can work on it.
  5. Practicing unconditional love on others enables us to love ourselves unconditionally. Self-love is the answer to just about any relationship issue. Applying 1-4 to ourselves is self-love.
  6. Self-protection, the need for revenge, judging others and having rules for people in our lives all keep us from loving unconditionally. But there is never a good reason to NOT love.
  7. When we love, we are the ones that get to feel that love. It doesn’t jump into another person’s body. This means we can love people if even they don’t want us to or when logically it seems wrong. When we love people, we are the ones that feel the love.

If this helped you at all and you want more detail, I recorded my class from yesterday and I would LOVE to share it with you. Email me at denitabremercoaching at gmail dot com, or follow me on instagram (@denitabremercoaching) and DM me there so I can send it to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!